Health Credit: Here’s How To Finance Your Well-Being

January 30, 2020 by No Comments

Credit and health? It is not easy to find a link between these two terms. This is understandable, since the payment of medical treatment or operations by means of a loan has not yet entered our customs. On the other hand, health insurers are constantly reducing the catalog of their basic services.

This means that the funds no longer bear all the costs that would be necessary for patient care. Thanks to our advantageous health credit, you can finance in a flexible and simple way, the expenses which are necessary for your well-being. Even the costs of plastic or cosmetic surgery can be quietly reimbursed in monthly installments.

Have you been complaining about toothache for a long time, but for fear of the bill, have you postponed a visit to a dentist that was necessary? Do you need a cure or additional therapy? Maybe cosmetic surgery would make you happier? If your health insurance does not cover these costs, we could help you. Thanks to our advantageous health credit, you are entitled to all the medical treatments that are necessary for your health.

Finance unexpected treatment costs with an advantageous health loan

Finance unexpected treatment costs with an advantageous health loan

Does your current state of health cause you financial obligations which now exceed your budget? Our health credit will give you more time so you only have to focus on healing.

Choose your doctor and treatment method freely  

If your health insurance covers many services, it also decides on the pharmaceutical product and the therapy it will reimburse. If your treatment wishes do not correspond to the reality of your finances, our health credit will allow you to consult the specialist of your choice.

Finance dentist bills

Are you worried about talking about finances with your doctor? Thanks to our health credit you will find an advantageous and discreet solution to your problem, because it will finance the treatment costs.

Cosmetic procedures

Plastic and cosmetic operations are not always essential from a medical point of view, but they can greatly boost self-confidence. With a health credit, you can freely choose a breast augmentation, liposuction or hair transplant.

Custom credit agreement

Custom credit agreement

When concluding a loan contract, it is wise to implement a systematic approach:

  • Let your doctor advise you completely and request a detailed written quote
  • Calculate the health credit on and ask us for a personalized offer, directly online
  • After the treatment, you will be able to enjoy your recovered well-being.

Our online health credit allows you to finance your well-being, beauty and health, in a discreet and simple way. Thanks to our credit calculator, you will be able to obtain more information and find different alternatives.